History behind Microscopy Center Establishment
The first project that allowed for the development of a Center of Excellence in Microscopy began in 2003 with the award of the Andes Foundation project "Implementation of a Biological Imaging Center at the Department of Cell Biology, University of Concepción", directed by Dr. Francisco Nualart. Then, in 2004, additional funding was acquired from the University of Concepción and the project "Improvement of the Doctoral Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biological Sciences, MECESUP 9903 to buy a basic confocal laser microscope. The Center of Microscopy has offered for more than 6 years a free service, which is the platform for the recently awarded funding (January 1, 2011) by the Research Partnership Program of CONICYT to the project "Center for Advanced Microscopy of the Bío-Bío region (CMA Bío-Bío)". The initiative was led by Dr. Francisco Nualart, Scientific Director, and Dr. Carlos Opazo, Executive Director. Currently, the CMA is located in the Ennio Vivaldi building (Osteoteca area), second floor, School of Biological Sciences, University of Concepción. Its facilities cover an area of 300 m2, with three rooms for the use of microscopes, a laboratory for sample processing, a room for digital image analysis, a conference room for 50 people and offices for the Directors and staff.
Associated Universities
Universidad Austral de Chile
Universidad de La Frontera
Universidad San Sebastián
Contribute to the research, development and innovation in the country, through the provision of services and transfer of breakthrough scientific knowledge and technology.
To achieve recognition as a National Reference Center for Advanced Microscopy.
Center for Advanced Microscopy CMA Bío-Bío. University of Concepción.
University District, No number. Building Ennio Vivaldi Second Floor. Concepción, Chile.
Phone: (56) 41-2204531, (56) 41-2203479,(56) 41-2661356 - Fax (56) 41-2245975.
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